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DreamMirror - 3D Facial Analyzer Android System

Item No.: D8-3D
Capture slight changes of facial pores, moisture, pigment, texture, elasticity and sensitivity through computer system analysis of facial images, find the hidden problems at the bottom of your skin to develop personalized skin care programs.
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Description Techniacal Specifications Technical Principle


Model  D8
Operating System Android 5.0+
Display Resolution  1920*1200
Online Mode Wifi
Image Mode  RGB/UV365/UV405/PL+/PL-/Red/Brown/Mix spot
Image Processing  HUAWEI Hisilicon Ai chip
3D Display Support with 3D display(Arbitrary scalling and Rotation )
Standard MI Pad Qualcomm 8-core-CPU Snapdragon-625
Moisture testing Support with standard wireless bluetooth water testing pen
Dimension  562*430*450mm
Packaged size 650*520*560mm
Weight  7.8kg
Voltage 100~240v/50-60Hz
Power 24w

Treatment Principle

The latest 3D version of facial skin test capture slight changes of facial pores,moisture,pigment,

texture,elasticity through computer system analysis of facial images,find the hidden problems at the bottom of your skin to develope personalized skin care programs.The machine Fusion of high-speed face recognition technology,Deep learning technology, Deep blue intelligent parallel algorithm,8 Spectral imaging techniques,Information processing technology,The 5th generation 3D three-dimensional intelligent skin analyzer for android system,3D imaging conforms to the three-dimensional facial contours, The image is clear, vivid and shocking, flexible rotation and scaling, present skin problems by space,It's five times faster.

Treatment Range

Regional location, moisture analysis and quantitative analysis can be carried out when facial skin problems are detected to generate solutions for various skin problems.


1.20 million hd pixels

2.Android system--Use Touch screen operation, first time, apply to mobile device and table PC   

3.Better software compatibility

4.Strong system stability

5.Simple and quick operation

6.Faster analysis speed

Strong spectrum
RGB white spectrum
UV365 spectrum
UV405 spectrum
Plus polarized-light
Minus polarized-light 
RGX-red spectrum
RGX-brown spectrum
RGX-mixed spectrum    
high-power and clear image